Specialised intra-community VAT services

Very close to you, you can manage the taxation of all your exports through a single and professional contact who specialises in international taxation. You can do so conveniently by contacting our team over the internet.

We are a powerful team of multilingual professionals that specialises in international taxation. We have a very strong network of collaborations with international consultancy firms in the main destinations or Spanish exports. Working through IVAEUROPA we provide you with our knowledge and services, in order to simplify what could otherwise be complex, and ensure that you do not lose sleep over the management of intra-community VAT.

IVAEuropa. Especialista IVA intracomunitario. Empresas exportadoras

Consultancy and administrative agencies

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Trust in specialists!
At our company, you will find the best international taxation specialists, who are willing to work directly with you in order to ensure that your Clients can rest easy.
Our specialised expertise in fiscal and tax matters, our collaboration with international consultancy firms in the main destinations of Spanish exports and our standardised working procedures, back us to become your consultancy or administrative agent for international taxation, and offer you the necessary peace of mind and professionalism.

Exporting companies

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Rest easy, focus on increasing your exports!
Thanks to our collaboration network with international consultancy firms in the main destinations of Spanish exports, we will take care of processing the different tax forms that are required by your operations. We will of course strive to ensure that the models are presented on time and correctly, and that they are kept up to date in accordance with different national laws. In this manner, you can stay relaxed and assured, complying with the tax requirements in the countries where your company operates.

Electronic services

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Export your services with confidence!
We are experts in international tax and we can help you to resolve your doubts when it comes to complying with the specific requirements of intra-community VAT with your electronic service exports.
At our company, you will discover your trusted partner in order to carry out your operations in other countries and comply with the tax demands in each of them.

Export promotions agencies

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We are your trusted partner!
We are going to support the great work that is carried out by export promotion agencies for our economy. At our company, you will find a professional and trusted international tax specialist, who will help the companies that you support to develop and grow their exportation projects, with the peace of mind that comes with complying with tax legislation within the European community.

International partnerships

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We continue to expand our network of collaborators!
If you are a consultancy firm that provides tax services in a European Union country, and possess considerable experience and knowledge of this sector in your country, we would be delighted to consider a possible partnership in order to work together and resolved the needs of our Clients, Spanish exportation companies.
Our team of tax sector professionals talks several languages fluently and will be delighted to deal with your request.

Contact request

Please contact us for a detailed explanation of the scope of our services or to resolve any doubts.