Intra-community VAT registration and declarations

Use our services to carry out your registration procedures for intra-community VAT declarations and compliance with all of the necessary declarations, in accordance with current legislation in the destination countries of your exports.

In today´s globalized market, the need to ensure compliance with VAT-related obligations in several jurisdictions, in a complex and constantly changing legislative environment, is one of the biggest challenges faced by VAT professionals in companies.

At IVAEUROPA we offer a team of tax specialists that you can trust, in order to effectively solve the management, preparation and timely dispatch of all VAT declarations in compliance with the national legislation applicable at present in each jurisdiction.

IVAEuropa. Especialista IVA intracomunitario. Registros y devoluciones. Formulario

These functions include:

  • Compliance with VAT regulations in several jurisdictions.
  • Registry of VAT registrations and de-registrations.
  • Preparation and sending of all VAT declarations (in our territory as well as in the other member states. (Especially, the issue of distance sales).
  • Preparation and presentation of the declarations corresponding to the provision of electronic services to individuals.
  • Complete management of relations with VAT administrations.

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