International Partnerships

IVAEuropa is a company that specialises in Intra-community VAT management for Spanish companies that export to other countries within the European Union (EU). We are constantly looking to broaden our network with new trusted partners. If your consultancy firm is located in a European Union country and you are highly skilled and competitive at managing VAT in your own country for foreign companies, we would be delighted to evaluate the possibility of you joining our network of international partnerships.

IVAEuropa has created a network of partnerships and collaboration with international tax consultancy firms in each of the export destination countries of our Clients, that have a crucial role when it comes to providing our client with a trustworthy service that offers guarantees.

Below you can consult the list of our main services.

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Intra-community VAT Consultancy

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Resolve any kind of doubts about intra-community VAT management with us. Our specialisation in international tax, our international network of collaborators and our experience, will all be made available to you.
VAT is one of the most complex taxes of fiscal legislation. Within the EU, this difficulty is increased, as it has to coexist with the regulations of the other member states, therefore in these cases VAT is one of the trickiest tax challenges that many companies operating abroad must face.

Intra-community VAT registration and declarations

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Use our services to carry out your registration procedures for intra-community VAT declarations and compliance with all of the necessary declarations, in accordance with current legislation in the destination countries of your exports.
In today´s globalized market, the need to ensure compliance with VAT-related obligations in several jurisdictions, in a complex and constantly changing legislative environment, is one of the biggest challenges faced by VAT professionals in companies.

Intra-community VAT Returns

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Recover the VAT borne by your Clients in other European Union countries.
Through IVAEuropa, companies can recover the VAT borne in other European Union (EU) countries. For that purpose, we have the necessary technical experience (thanks to the fact that we are specialists in indirect taxation) to satisfy all the necessary formalities for your return request of fees borne in the territory of another member state, to ensure that the request has a successful outcome.

Contact request

In order to join our network of international partnerships, please use the contact request form, specifically outlining this aim, and including the link to the website of your consultancy firm, and information that can allow us to assess your competency when it comes to intra-community VAT management.