Brand center

This page is designed so that people in charge of media outlets, event organisation or anyone else that wants to present or apply our Brand in any format or media outlet can do so quickly with the proper level of quality. Our brand is the visual representation of our raison d’être as an organisation and of our aspirations for the future. Please, always use it respectfully and in compliance with the legal notice.

Horizontal aplications

The main application of our brand is that used above. This use is designed for small spaces such as headers or footers on documents, and it is also the one that we use on the footer of our website.

Special ink aplications

In this section you will find special ink applications, in blue, black and white. As a general rule, please use the colour applications, unless you need these due to special circumstances.

Corporate colours

These are the corporate colours of our Brand.

RGB 49/66/139 (#31428B)
CMYK 98/81/5/0
RGB 0/0/0 (#000000)
CMYK 92/79/62/98